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 Codan lingyun Automotive rubber hose Co.,ltd is established in 1995. Our company mainly engaged in automotive air conditioning hose,oil cooling hose,water hose,ventilation hose, clutch hose,power steering hose,fuel hose,oil scale pipe hose,hydraulic hose ,LPG hose and assemblies, and to develop other related rubber products. The sales of our A/C hose has been leading No1 in china for 10 years continually."Codan Lingyun" has been a well-known brand in China

 Company imports full set of international advanced equipment of rubber hose and its assembly for manufacture and inspection. In 2009, the national lab took the certificate, and the equipment precision and inspection has reached advanced international standards. Company has been cooperated with Chang An Ford , SGM,Great wall,Geely, BYD and main popular brands for many years. In 2016, Company has got Ford Q1 brand and joined in SGM system, it indicates that company quality has got recognition of international market. The company has a oversea technical center, it depends technicians in Denmark Codan Gummi to follow the advanced technical in Europe, ensuring our product accord with the aim of “high quality、high start”,ensuring our products accord with the world

  Lingyun Industrial Corporation Ltd is in the listed company controlled by North Lingyun Industrial Group,which is affiliated with China North Industries Group Corporation,It has more than 70 subsidiary companies in 24 districts. we have four series of products:auto body structural parts,auto pipes system,vehicle drive line system and municipal engineering pipes system. “Lingyun” and “Chinaust” are well-known brands of chinese automotive manufacturing industry and municipal engineering pipes industry.



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